French Empire Miniature Carpet

French Empire dollhouse miniature carpet in 1/12th scale is not nearly close to be finished. I flipped the rug over to continue stitching it from the center down to the bottom. I am working on the rows of solid colors that I call dividers or connectors. I like to use the word “connectors” more than “dividers”, because these lines do connect the borders of the carpet. You probably can’t see, but there are 25 total of rows on each side of the carpet between the borders, and they take a long time to finish.

Let’s do some Math. The pattern of French Empire miniature rug has 541 x 661 stitches. It means there are 1,082 stitches of 25 lines (top and bottom) and 1,322 stitches of 25 lines (left and right sides), making total of 27,050 stitches (1,082 x 25) top and bottom, and 33,050 stitches (1,322 x 25) both sides.

25 rows on each side of the carpet make total of 60,100 stitches. It takes me 444 stitches of these rows of solid colors to complete in 1 hour, or it will take me 135 hours to complete all 25 rows of solid colors between the borders. Obviously, I finished a little bit more than have of them, but still a lot to go.

If you look at the top of the carpet that is stitched, you probably won’t even notice these 25 rows of solid colors between the rows. A little reminder, I am stitching on 60 count silk gauze.

You might want to ask WHY? WHY is all that madness?

The customer who commissioned this rug requested the size of the carpet to be 11″ x 9″. When I worked on the design I needed to balance the elements of the carpet. To achieve a harmonical balance and stay within the requested size I had to add these rows to the design. I can tell, it seems to be faster to stitch these rows of solid colors along with the pattern while working on different motifs than just devote time to finish them separately.

What are you working on today?

Much Love!
Natalia Frank

February is National Embroidery Month

Going through the past several years has brought me a lot of loneliness and hurt losing loved ones. The past several years has also brought me some comfort that I found through support of people who felt like offering that support. So much comfort that it took me this long to realize just how impactful that can be.

I also found the comfort in needlework. Each stitch I made on canvas equivalent to a stitch on my soul that one day should be healed. Needlework for me is a home of friends. When you fall, it picks you up, it lets you breath, it keeps you going on. It is amazing how you can feel sadness and sorrow till you pick up a needle. Are you familiar with this feeling? Do you find comfort in your needlework?

So, what I am trying to say, thank you everyone for making this world richer, more beautiful and peaceful by creating and sharing wonderful Art of Needlework. Happy National Embroidery Month!

Much Love!

Natalia Frank

HELLO 2023

I am a little bit late to welcome everyone into 2023 and wishing all the best for the year, but better late than never, right? Look at that! We are half through February already and January feels like slipped through the fingers. I hope you were more productive with your time than me. January is a month for me to recollect myself, to summon up memories, feelings, ideas. January is a month of planning. 2023 seems to be very busy year in my calendar.


Time is approaching fast for the 2023 Chicago International Dollhouse Show that is held in Chicago. I am offering 2 classes there. The first is HARDANGER IN MINIATURE where we shall make a dollhouse miniature pillow. Students will work on 40 count evenweave cotton with Gutermann silk and practice the following stitches while working on a miniature pillow: Kloster blocks, Satin stitch star, Twisted lattice band, square and diagonal eyelets; techniques on how to cut threads, how to needle weave and wrap the bars. Different ways to finish the pillow will be discussed.

The second class is for those who would like to learn Petit Point and stitching on silk gauze. We shall work on the miniature CHRISTMAS STOCKING. This is an introductory class of Petit Point for the beginners.  Students will practice the stitches, receive information about silk gauze, needles, threads and how to finish a stocking.  A kit, with all essential supplies will be provided.

If you are coming to Chicago International Dollhouse show this year and would like to learn some needlework skills in miniature, consider to take my classes.


This year I have decided to attend Kensington Dollhouse Festival Summer show that will have place at Kensington Town Hall on May 12th and 13th, 2023. It will be my second time attending this show and second time opportunity to visit V&A Museum that I am looking for. I have been contemplated an idea of reproducing a historic piece of needlework I fell in love with last time I was there back in 2016. After some messages exchanging with the museum I received a permission to do so. Feeling blessed just to see it again!


June is associated with Guild School classes and fantastic time in Castine, a little piece of paradise in the state of Maine for all miniature maniacs. If you haven’t heard about IGMA or Guild School, please visit the website to read more about both, and maybe you will consider joining the community of like-minded miniaturists, learn some skills and have a lot of fun!

I am teaching a 24-hour class in Castine this year, 17th Century Crewel/Jacobean Bed Coverlet in 1/12th scale, and very excited about meeting my students, some of them are first-year students.

Crewel embroidery is a beautiful type of surface embroidery that’s been around for over a thousand years. Crewel embroidery is often associated with the late sixteenth and the first quarter of the seventeenth centuries during the reign of King James I in England. Working on linen twill the students will have fun learning the history of crewelwork; the difference between crewelwork and Jacobean work; and the difference between the English and the American crewelwork. The techniques, threads, designs, stitches, the types of coverlets, and how to make a pattern for them will be discussed as well.


I am planning to attend the IGMA show first time. Finally the dates of this show do work for me. The IGMA show 2023 will be held on September 26 – October 1, 2023 in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. I shall be offering the classes there as well and it is TBD.


Another show I’ve signed up with this year that will be my first time is the Philadelphia Dollhouse showcase, Philadelphia Miniaturia, or the Philly Show. See you there on November 3-5, 2023. I shall be offering the classes there as well and it is TBD.

I am considering to attend the Dallas Showcase of Miniatures late in June as well.

This is not a full list of events on my calendar for 2023, but I am glad they will keep me busy. I am taking some classes as well this year, and I shall tell about them lately as long as I have time working on them.

Looking forward to meeting new people and seeing old friends. The same I wish for you.

Much love and happy crafting!

Natalia Frank

It Is Finished…

One can think that the hardest part in making a miniature rug is stitching on silk gauze. If you think so – you are wrong! Stitching on silk gauze is meditating. All work starts when the stitching is complete. This is where it could be tricky. There are still so many ways you can trash hundreds of hours put in stitching. You need to block the rug, the sides must be finished properly, and the fringe should be added if desired.

The commissioned Dollhouse Miniature Petit Point KAZAK rug is off the frame. To remind, I stitched it on 40 count silk gauze with Gloriana and Colorworks silks.

The rug has been stretched on the blocking board for about 2 weeks. I do prefer stretching my finished rugs vs steaming with the iron to be sure that the sides are even. I also spray some water on the top to “relax” the warp and weft of silk gauze and smooth the hairiness of silks. If you remember from my previous post I purchased this cool vintage stretching board from an antique store recently and am so pleased I did it.

When I felt I was mentally prepared I put more hours in finishing left and right sides with black color silk. The fringes were added next day.

Here is the look of the backside

The customer advised to make the fringe looking more antique. I added a few applications of strong tea staining the fringe. I had to wait when the fringe dries between the applications.

The difference is noticeable, true? Now I can say that the commissioned Dollhouse Miniature Petit Point KAZAK rug is officially completed. I can’t wait to see this rug in the setting. The original design could be seen and purchased as a pattern/kit on my website HERE.

Happy stitching!

Natalia Frank

Petit Point Kazak Rug is Off the Frame

Dollhouse Miniature Petit Point KAZAK rug is finished and here it is that moment of triumph laying down last stitch.

The rug was finished a few days ago, but I had an opportunity to stretch it on the blocking board only today. Usually I was using a bass wood board for blocking. Recently I went to an antique store in Cedar Rapids, IA and saw this blocking board used for stretching doilies. I knew I would have enjoyed it. Love the size! I am going to add a couple more of finished stitching projects on it soon. Also thought that now it will be much easier to stretch the round rugs.

It looks soo tiny on this big board! The rug will be resting on the blocking board for about a week. Meanwhile I picked up another ongoing project – miniature Petit Point rug VESNA that I am stitching on 50 count silk gauze with Gloriana silks.

This is it for today.

Happy weekend stitching!

Natalia Frank

What’s on my Needlework Frame in November 2022

I spend more and more time at my desk lately, doing everything from working on new designs, preparing the kits, proceeding the orders, preparing for the on-line classes, etc… Because of this, my workspace is constantly changing: printing the designs, moving the paper around, cutting the silk gauze, winding the thread on spools, sorting the needles. Holding the clutter at bay is challenging. I am glad I have my stitching station far from the office and rushing to it each time when I feel I am done at the desk for a day.

I am entering the month of November with several projects. The first one is a commissioned dollhouse miniature carpet Kazak on 40 count silk gauze, that will measure approx. 9″ x 6″. I am stitching with overdyed Gloriana silk.

At the end of a day I pick up another project that helps me to go through the evening. I tried to stitch a letter a day working on this reproduction of an antique Spanish sampler by Dolores Serra, but not always have enough time or desire, making a stitching process slower.

Another two cross-stitch projects are not finished pincushions. One is in three shades of red

and another is a reproduction of an antique Victorian pincushion

And at least but not last some miniature embroidery

I hope at the end of November I’ll be able to show them off finished. I am ready to start stitching my new designs I’ve been working on for a while.

Happy stitching!

Natalia Frank

Art of The Needle Show

I had a privilege to display my Petit Point work at the Art of the Needle Show that was organized by the Madison EGA chapter October 22-23, 2022 in Madison, WI. I presented 5 pieces of my work. It was not allowed taking the pictures at the show and, unfortunately, I can’t show off the work of many talented stitchers that was displayed at the show. However, I would like to use an opportunity to spread a word about a wonderful organization EGA (Embroiderers’ Guild of America), Madison EGA chapter, and an Annual needlework Art of the Needle Show that the chapter holds each year in Madison, WI. See you there next year.

Happy stitching,

Natalia Frank

On-Line Course Petit Point Miniature Christmas Stocking HO-HO-HO!

I would like to invite to sign up for my new on-line course “Petit Point Miniature Christmas Stocking HO-HO-HO!”. This course is for those who wants to learn Petit Point and stitching on silk gauze.

As a project I chose a miniature Christmas stocking. I thought you might like an idea to make a Christmas stocking and decorate your miniature scene just in time for Christmas. If you are not a dollhouse miniature fan, a series of finished miniature Christmas stockings could serve as a decoration for your mini table Christmas tree.

This is a beautiful and simple at the same time design that uses only 5 colors. You will learn how to frame the silk gauze, practice the stitches, learn the finishing techniques, and much much more.

The kit contains all sufficient supplies to finish the project: 40 count framed silk gauze, DMC floss, needle, chart with color symbols, trim and backing.

The registration for the on-line course starts on the 17th, October, 2022 and ends next Monday, October 24th, 2022.

Purchasing the kit for this course is not required in the case if you have supplies (the list of supplies will be offered).

You can sign up for the course HERE and buy the kit HERE.

Happy stitching!

Natalia Frank

Mississippi Annual Showcase 2022

The Mississippi Annual Showcase 2022 was organized by the Mississippi River EGA Chapter and was held on the 1st October, 2022. It was my first attendance. I’ve been plesantly impressed with all different types of needlework displayed at the show and left the exhibition inspired and lifted up.

I’ve been told that before Covid the showcase was displayed in different location and it took 5 rooms to fill up with needlework. Can you imagine? Five rooms of needlework paradise to be in and enjoy! This year the showcase took place in the Mouline public library.

When you enter the showroom you are welcomed by friendly members of the Mississippi River EGA chapter and explained some details about the show. The main goal of such kind of shows is, first, of course to present the talented stitchers, their work, designers, and, second, to recruite new members, followers, needlework fans, to remind to some stitchers that they have some UFOs they abondoned years ago and it is a perfect time to finish them.

It is much appreciated that the organizers of the showcase displayed the needlework accordingly to its types. Each kind of needlework, for example, cross stitch, goldwork, blackwork, etc., was displayed separetly and an explanation of each was printed and displayed. It allowed to everyone, including the newcomers to read and get understanding what each kind of needlework is about. I am, personally, greatful for the Needlepoint explanation where as I’ve noticed there is a lot of confusion in terminology and understanding what Needlepoint is.

I apologize for some not high quality images, I tried to avoid taking the pictures with light reflexation and my shadow on the glass of the framed work. Believe me, the pictures do not give justice. You need to see all displayed work alive to appreciate it. Next time, when you see there is a local needlework showcase in the area you are, do not miss an opportunity to bring yourself a little joy of colors, techniques and happiness in your world.

All images are published with the permission of the organizers of the showcase with a condition the stitchers, their work, designers are mentioned.

Enjoy it!

Happy stitching!

Natalia Frank

Antique Sampler Dolores Serra

I started stitching a reproduction of an antique Alphabet sampler finished by Dolores Serra back in June trying to finish at least one letter a day each evening. In spite of a fact that I spent 10 days out of the June month in Castine miniaturing, I managed to finish 1 set of the Alphabet in Blue last month.

This sampler attracts my attention with its simplicity and purity. It is very enjoyable letter by letter, evening by evening to fill out the white space on 32 count Belfast linen with Au Ver a Soie silk.

Coming into July I am still trying to work on one letter each evening of the next set of the Alphabet but now in Red. The letters of this alphabet set are much bigger and take more time to finish, but very rewarding.

Happy stitching!

Natalia Frank