Mississippi Annual Showcase 2022

The Mississippi Annual Showcase 2022 was organized by the Mississippi River EGA Chapter and was held on the 1st October, 2022. It was my first attendance. I’ve been plesantly impressed with all different types of needlework displayed at the show and left the exhibition inspired and lifted up.

I’ve been told that before Covid the showcase was displayed in different location and it took 5 rooms to fill up with needlework. Can you imagine? Five rooms of needlework paradise to be in and enjoy! This year the showcase took place in the Mouline public library.

When you enter the showroom you are welcomed by friendly members of the Mississippi River EGA chapter and explained some details about the show. The main goal of such kind of shows is, first, of course to present the talented stitchers, their work, designers, and, second, to recruite new members, followers, needlework fans, to remind to some stitchers that they have some UFOs they abondoned years ago and it is a perfect time to finish them.

It is much appreciated that the organizers of the showcase displayed the needlework accordingly to its types. Each kind of needlework, for example, cross stitch, goldwork, blackwork, etc., was displayed separetly and an explanation of each was printed and displayed. It allowed to everyone, including the newcomers to read and get understanding what each kind of needlework is about. I am, personally, greatful for the Needlepoint explanation where as I’ve noticed there is a lot of confusion in terminology and understanding what Needlepoint is.

I apologize for some not high quality images, I tried to avoid taking the pictures with light reflexation and my shadow on the glass of the framed work. Believe me, the pictures do not give justice. You need to see all displayed work alive to appreciate it. Next time, when you see there is a local needlework showcase in the area you are, do not miss an opportunity to bring yourself a little joy of colors, techniques and happiness in your world.

All images are published with the permission of the organizers of the showcase with a condition the stitchers, their work, designers are mentioned.

Enjoy it!

Happy stitching!

Natalia Frank

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