March Installment

I finished February installment. I am actually so happy I managed to do it since I have several projects on my frames at the same time. I promised myself to devote minimum an hour daily for the February square to stitch and be able to finish it at the end of the month. It took me 12 hours to do it. Now I know that I can finish this rug at the end of this year if I stick to my plan. I chose 48 count of silk gauze and my favorite over dyed Gloriana silk floss.

March has arrived and it is time for a new installment of the Stitch-A-Long Colorful Amalgam 2021. If you click on the image it will take you to the website to download the file for March 2021. Guess what I am going to do today? I am going to play with Gloriana silk to chose colors for this part of the pattern! It always excites me! Happy stitching!

february installment

Here is a link to download a PDF file for February Installment for Stitch-A-Long 2021

Antique Sampler G.M. 1910

First from the Miniature Series of Reproduction of Antique Samplers “Timeless Treasure Troves” is reproduction of an antique sampler “G.M. 1910”

This sampler has been chosen first in the series, because of the colors the sampler is stitched with, green and red. It reminds Christmas and the New Year holiday festive time.

Original sampler is stitched on canvas with wool and signed G.M. 1910.

The miniature sampler reproduction is stitched on 48 count silk gauze with Gutermann silk floss.

I chose to stitch the background, when it’s not really necessary.

79 x 99 stitches

The Antique Sampler G.M.1910 could be stitched on any count of canvas or linen. It measures if stitched on:

28 count – 2.82” x 3.54” (7,17 x 8,98 cm)

36 count – 2.19” x 2.75” (5,57 x 6,69 cm)

40 count – 1.98” x 2.48” (5,02 x 6,29 cm)

48 count – 1.65” x 2.06” (4,18 x 5,24 cm)

56 count – 1.41” x 1.77” (3,58 x 4,49 cm)

60 count – 1.32” x 1.65” (3,34 x 4,19 cm)

72 count – 1.10” x 1.38” (2,79 x 3,49 cm)

The kits for the reproduction of an antique sampler G.M.1910″ could be purchased at

Happy stitching!

Natalia Frank

Stitch-A-Long: January

I invite you to join me in Stitch-A-Long 2021. I am offering a design that could be stitched on any type of canvas and be finished as a pillow, little carpet and, of course, a dollhouse miniature petit point rug in 1/12th scale. For January month I am offering a frame/border of the rug. The field of this rug consists of 9 squares. Each month I’ll post a pattern in black and white symbols for you to color with threads and needle. Each finished project, based on this pattern, will look different, one of a kind, because you will chose a canvas, fabric and its count, threads (wool, cotton or silk) of your choice. To download a PDF file for the border of this design, please go HERE.

To share the stitching progress and meet like-minded stitchers join our Facebook group COLORFUL AMALGAM

303 x 303 stitches

It measures:

If stitched on 18 count – 16.83″ x 16.83″ (42,76 x 42,76 cm)

If stitched on 22 count – 13.77″ x 13.77″ (34,98 x 34,98 cm)

If stitched on 36 count – 8.42″ x 8.42″ (21,38 x 21,38 cm)

If stitched on 40 count – 7.58″ x 7.58″ (19,24 x 19,24 cm)

If stitched on 48 count – 6.31″ x 6.31″ (16,03 x 16,03 cm)

If stitched on 56 count – 5.41″ x 5.41″ (13,74 x 13,74 cm)

If stitched on 60 count – 5.05 ‘ x 5.05 ‘ (12,83 x 12,83″)

Happy stitching!

Natalia Frank


“I cannot count my day complete till needle, thread and fabric meet”. Author Unknown

December of each year is a time for me when I look back at all events that happened during that year. I go through the pictures I took, and all emotions are coming back. Unfortunately, we did not travel much in 2020 due to pandemics and spent most of our time at home. Our only joy was going to meet a realtor at a house we thought we would have bought. Yes, we sold our home that we lived in for last 7 years and were looking for a new home. It was time when we decided we needed 180 degrees turn, a new start. Since June we have made 5 offers for different houses all around Washington state and none of them went through for whatever reason. At some point we have changed our minds, at some point there were other circumstances. To make the story short, we finally bought a house in November 2020, that we felt will be the home. The house that we have never visited or seen alive. More than that, this house is in Iowa state, the state we have never visited before, and we are moving there at the beginning of January. Sounds crazy?

December is a time for me when I look back at what I achieved during that year and start making resolutions for a coming year. I always loved doing it. I have piles of organizers where step by step there are written plans for each month, week and even some days. Have I ever followed them? Well, the answer is NO, but it helped me to organize my thoughts and ideas somehow.

2021 will be absolutely different for me. No resolutions, no plans. I gave up on all my resolutions that always were mostly the same each year: lose weight, to be more outside hiking/biking/kayaking, finishing this and that.

This coming year there are only intentions. The list of my intentions for 2021, probably, is not as long as yours, but it includes a lot of stitching. The motto of 2021 year is “No Day Goes Without a Stitch”! Well, I am lying, I would like to leave a weekend for my family. Due to moving to the other state, all my studio, all my stitching supplies are boxed, limiting me in what I love to do most – stitching. Mentally I am already in my new studio, unpacking threads, silk gauze and stitching, sitting comfortably in a cozy chair, time after time looking outside of the window and enjoying the look of my future garden!

Another intention for 2021 is to keep this blog updated regularly. I felt a need to have one. Last 4 years were exceedingly difficult for my family and me. Saying Goodbye to my Son in January 2017, my Dad in March 2019 and my Mom in November 2020 changed me and the way I look at life and death. I spent 4 years in complete abyss, fighting depression, experiencing lack of motivation and interest in everything, trying to find out who I am now and a purpose of being, but I am slowly climbing out, at least I have such intention. I felt a need to open a new blog and be connected to the world this way sharing my knowledge of what I still love to do in this life. I know I’ll never be the same, but I hope you’ll like to see what I am working on, to hear about my new designs and classes. I also hope you’ll share your thoughts and your work with me through the comments.    

Happy New 2021 Year! Be this year creative and inspiring for you all!

Happy stitching!

Natalia Frank


Happy New 2021 to everyone!

Merry christmas

Merry Christmas!

I hope you have a wonderful week of preparation blessed with much joy and happiness whether you are having a big family Christmas or a quite one.

Petit Point

Petit Point