What’s on my Needlework Frame in November 2022

I spend more and more time at my desk lately, doing everything from working on new designs, preparing the kits, proceeding the orders, preparing for the on-line classes, etc… Because of this, my workspace is constantly changing: printing the designs, moving the paper around, cutting the silk gauze, winding the thread on spools, sorting the needles. Holding the clutter at bay is challenging. I am glad I have my stitching station far from the office and rushing to it each time when I feel I am done at the desk for a day.

I am entering the month of November with several projects. The first one is a commissioned dollhouse miniature carpet Kazak on 40 count silk gauze, that will measure approx. 9″ x 6″. I am stitching with overdyed Gloriana silk.

At the end of a day I pick up another project that helps me to go through the evening. I tried to stitch a letter a day working on this reproduction of an antique Spanish sampler by Dolores Serra, but not always have enough time or desire, making a stitching process slower.

Another two cross-stitch projects are not finished pincushions. One is in three shades of red

and another is a reproduction of an antique Victorian pincushion

And at least but not last some miniature embroidery

I hope at the end of November I’ll be able to show them off finished. I am ready to start stitching my new designs I’ve been working on for a while.

Happy stitching!

Natalia Frank

2 Comments on “What’s on my Needlework Frame in November 2022

  1. Your Spokane mini friends read your e mail and want you to know we are concerned about you and thinking of you after reading your newsletter. As usual, your work is outstanding ,beautiful and extraordinary! Take care of yourself.


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