Petit Point Kazak Rug is Off the Frame

Dollhouse Miniature Petit Point KAZAK rug is finished and here it is that moment of triumph laying down last stitch.

The rug was finished a few days ago, but I had an opportunity to stretch it on the blocking board only today. Usually I was using a bass wood board for blocking. Recently I went to an antique store in Cedar Rapids, IA and saw this blocking board used for stretching doilies. I knew I would have enjoyed it. Love the size! I am going to add a couple more of finished stitching projects on it soon. Also thought that now it will be much easier to stretch the round rugs.

It looks soo tiny on this big board! The rug will be resting on the blocking board for about a week. Meanwhile I picked up another ongoing project – miniature Petit Point rug VESNA that I am stitching on 50 count silk gauze with Gloriana silks.

This is it for today.

Happy weekend stitching!

Natalia Frank

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