It Is Finished…

One can think that the hardest part in making a miniature rug is stitching on silk gauze. If you think so – you are wrong! Stitching on silk gauze is meditating. All work starts when the stitching is complete. This is where it could be tricky. There are still so many ways you can trash hundreds of hours put in stitching. You need to block the rug, the sides must be finished properly, and the fringe should be added if desired.

The commissioned Dollhouse Miniature Petit Point KAZAK rug is off the frame. To remind, I stitched it on 40 count silk gauze with Gloriana and Colorworks silks.

The rug has been stretched on the blocking board for about 2 weeks. I do prefer stretching my finished rugs vs steaming with the iron to be sure that the sides are even. I also spray some water on the top to “relax” the warp and weft of silk gauze and smooth the hairiness of silks. If you remember from my previous post I purchased this cool vintage stretching board from an antique store recently and am so pleased I did it.

When I felt I was mentally prepared I put more hours in finishing left and right sides with black color silk. The fringes were added next day.

Here is the look of the backside

The customer advised to make the fringe looking more antique. I added a few applications of strong tea staining the fringe. I had to wait when the fringe dries between the applications.

The difference is noticeable, true? Now I can say that the commissioned Dollhouse Miniature Petit Point KAZAK rug is officially completed. I can’t wait to see this rug in the setting. The original design could be seen and purchased as a pattern/kit on my website HERE.

Happy stitching!

Natalia Frank

One Comment on “It Is Finished…

  1. Glorious! I bought the pattern over a year ago. I can’t wait to start after seeing the finished product. Congratulations and Happy Holidays.


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