February is National Embroidery Month

Going through the past several years has brought me a lot of loneliness and hurt losing loved ones. The past several years has also brought me some comfort that I found through support of people who felt like offering that support. So much comfort that it took me this long to realize just how impactful that can be.

I also found the comfort in needlework. Each stitch I made on canvas equivalent to a stitch on my soul that one day should be healed. Needlework for me is a home of friends. When you fall, it picks you up, it lets you breath, it keeps you going on. It is amazing how you can feel sadness and sorrow till you pick up a needle. Are you familiar with this feeling? Do you find comfort in your needlework?

So, what I am trying to say, thank you everyone for making this world richer, more beautiful and peaceful by creating and sharing wonderful Art of Needlework. Happy National Embroidery Month!

Much Love!

Natalia Frank

One Comment on “February is National Embroidery Month

  1. Dear Natalie,
    How true your comments are. I too have found solace in my needlework, especially over the last few years of grieving. My thoughts are with you.
    Kind regards


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