Back To The Studio

I have been absent for a while. Life has kept testing me and my well being. Now I am back to the studio and it is time to do some serious stitching.

Last April at the Bishop Chicago International show, surprisingly for myself, I was sold out. Everything what I have made: pillows, slippers, Christmas stockings, rugs I have had, was sold. I had to cancel the upcoming shows in Dallas and the IGMA show (shows that I signed up a year ago) due to the absence and inability to re-stock my inventory in the short period of time due to my specialization in miniature – needlework.

If you follow my Instagram blog you probably saw me making last 9 posts about working on my UFO’s projects that were started decades ago. I am working on them with double energy and can’t wait to finish all of them some day. At the end of each month I’ll post a progress on each of those 9 projects. I have more than 9 started frames in progress and will add a new to the list each time I finish one I am working on currently.

I have one more show this year – The Needlework Expo 2022 on-line show – and I am preparing new designs, some original and some reproductions of antique samplers for it.

I am planning to re-open my shop-studio for public without the appointments at the 1st of July this year.

These are all my plans for the rest of the year (stitching, stitching and stitching) and it is time to schedule the events for 2023. What about you? Are you vacationing? Are you stitching? What are your big plans left for 2022?

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