EGA National Seminar 2021 Magnificent Stitch

It is a little bit late but I can’t not to tell you about EGA National Seminar 2021 Magnificent Stitch that was held at the beginning of last month.

First of all, it was my first EGA National Seminar I have ever attended. I have been EGA’s member on and off for last 8 years, and only this year I had an opportunity to finally be able to be a part of this huge stitching community and enjoy the inspiring work of many very talented stitchers.

For those who doesn’t know, EGA is Embroiderer’s Guild of America, the organization that deeply dedicated to needlework and where needle art lives (

It is not only that it was my first time attending this kind of seminar, it was first time exhibiting my own work there. I entered one of a kind Micro Petit Point Carpet Tree of Life into The Golden Needle Awards. The rug measures 7 5/8″ x 9″ with fringe. It is stitched on 56 count silk gauze with fine over dyed Tudor Gloriana silk floss, 89 colors, 93 skeins. Total of 180,600 tiny stitches, 468 ends form the fringes on 2 sides of the rug. It took 11 weeks and one day to stitch the miniature Tree of Life carpet, 7 days went for blocking, finishing he sides and fringing. This miniature carpet has a long story and may be one day I’ll tell you more about it.

Miniature Tree of Life carpet in 1/12th scale earned three ribbons: The Viewers’ Choice, The Judge’s Choice and 3rd place in Canvas Category.

Unfortunately, following the policy of the EGA Seminar, the pictures and videos to take was not allowed. That is why I won’t be able to spoil you with all eye candy images of tremendously gorgeous work that was presented at the Seminar, and you know what, even if I would have posted the images, they do not do justice of how detailed and amazing the displayed work was in the exhibition room. So, I was just playing with my camera taking the pictures of Chicago at night.

Don’t be upset! There is a way for you to enjoy the glimpse of what was exhibited at the seminar if you watch the videos that were recorded by Gary Parr and Beth Ellicott from Fiber Talks Here is the link following which you can find all videos about EGA National Seminar 2021 Magnificent Stitch (

I am thinking about my first experience at the EGA National Seminar with a big gratitude to everyone who liked my work and voted for it; to the teachers; and of course to the organizers of this wonderful event in the time that is not easy. I already can’t wait to join the fun at the next EGA National Seminar in New York next Fall.

Hope to see you there,

Natalia Frank

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