I Don’t Do Mondays…

How many times through my life I have heard this expression! Today like never before I feel the true meaning of it. Today I am completely lost. I have not touched a needle, I have not opened a book, I have not been outside… I can blame it on over stitching last week, on the weather that brings humidity that makes hard to enjoy being outside, on the fact that I am out of my favorite coffee! I am glad this unproductive day is almost over…

Sitting comfortably in my chair, I am going through “the pages” of the very talented stitchers on the www.gmna.org.uk/meet_members.html. Some of these people are not with us anymore and it is a wonderful way to remember them and their little masterpieces. Just look at this miniature Gold work (Daphne’s quilt) by Daphne Turner.

King Charles Spaniel by Juliet Blake, original design from a Staffordshire pottery stitched on 140 count silk gauze. The dog measures just 2cm (13/16″) high. I have 136 count silk gauze and have never heard or seen of anything higher than that.

Floral design on a red circle ground by Eric Burke, stitched on 112 count silk gauze, actual size: 3.2cm (1 1/4″) diam.

Quilt by Dora Lockyer, Hexagonal patchwork quilt

1/8th. inch hexagons, 1/12th scale

I find their work very inspiring and on this note I will end my Monday today.

I wish a wonderful and creative the rest of week to everyone!


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