House on the Rocks, WI Part 2

The display model of Buckingham Palace was created by a British architect for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth 2 in February 1952.

The tour of the House on the Rock took more than 3 hours. It was worth to see the World’s largest Carousel in history. It contains over 20,000 lights, 182 chandeliers, 269 animals on the carousel. The carousel is 80 feet wide, 35 feet tall, weights 36 tons and was premiered on Easter 1981, and there is NOT one horse on the carousel. The carousel was moving and it was impossible to take a nice static picture, :).

Full size sleighs, it is one of them

There was another carousel-display with hundreds of dolls.

In 1979 President Jimmy Carter and his family cruised on the upper Mississippi aboard the steamboat Delta Queen. They travelled south from St. Paul, Minnesota so St. Louis stopping along the way to greet the crowds who lined the banks. While in Dubuque, Iowa the President signed this model of the Delta Queen.

There is still much more to show left, but I encourage you to visit this place if you are in the area.

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