April Installment SAL 2021

Here is my stitching progress on Stitch-A-Long 2021 Colorful Amalgam. The pattern for an April Installment (as other installments as well) could be found HERE.

I am using 48 count silk gauze and stitching this rug with over dyed Gloriana silk floss. I am spending minimum an hour daily on this carpet since I have other projects on my hands that requires more time.

I think that these squares stitched separately could make nice pillows, especially if stitched on 56 count silk gauze. Being stitched on 48 count the size of each square measures 1 1/2″ and on 56 count as pillows they will look even better. I would use Tudor Gloriana silk floss for the pillows. Hopefully, I’ll have enough time and desire to finish these 9 pillows (there will be 9 squares in the carpet).

Happy stitching!

Natalia Frank

2 Comments on “April Installment SAL 2021

  1. Thank you, Marianne! The pillows have always been a good idea to fill the space and not to waste silk gauze, and there is always a spot for them in the house.


  2. Oh, cushions, what a great idea….. Will use them to fill the rest of the gauze I am stitching other things on.

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