Antique Sampler G.M. 1910

First from the Miniature Series of Reproduction of Antique Samplers “Timeless Treasure Troves” is reproduction of an antique sampler “G.M. 1910”

This sampler has been chosen first in the series, because of the colors the sampler is stitched with, green and red. It reminds Christmas and the New Year holiday festive time.

Original sampler is stitched on canvas with wool and signed G.M. 1910.

The miniature sampler reproduction is stitched on 48 count silk gauze with Gutermann silk floss.

I chose to stitch the background, when it’s not really necessary.

79 x 99 stitches

The Antique Sampler G.M.1910 could be stitched on any count of canvas or linen. It measures if stitched on:

28 count – 2.82” x 3.54” (7,17 x 8,98 cm)

36 count – 2.19” x 2.75” (5,57 x 6,69 cm)

40 count – 1.98” x 2.48” (5,02 x 6,29 cm)

48 count – 1.65” x 2.06” (4,18 x 5,24 cm)

56 count – 1.41” x 1.77” (3,58 x 4,49 cm)

60 count – 1.32” x 1.65” (3,34 x 4,19 cm)

72 count – 1.10” x 1.38” (2,79 x 3,49 cm)

The kits for the reproduction of an antique sampler G.M.1910″ could be purchased at

Happy stitching!

Natalia Frank

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