Stitch-A-Long: January

I invite you to join me in Stitch-A-Long 2021. I am offering a design that could be stitched on any type of canvas and be finished as a pillow, little carpet and, of course, a dollhouse miniature petit point rug in 1/12th scale. For January month I am offering a frame/border of the rug. The field of this rug consists of 9 squares. Each month I’ll post a pattern in black and white symbols for you to color with threads and needle. Each finished project, based on this pattern, will look different, one of a kind, because you will chose a canvas, fabric and its count, threads (wool, cotton or silk) of your choice. To download a PDF file for the border of this design, please go HERE.

To share the stitching progress and meet like-minded stitchers join our Facebook group COLORFUL AMALGAM

303 x 303 stitches

It measures:

If stitched on 18 count – 16.83″ x 16.83″ (42,76 x 42,76 cm)

If stitched on 22 count – 13.77″ x 13.77″ (34,98 x 34,98 cm)

If stitched on 36 count – 8.42″ x 8.42″ (21,38 x 21,38 cm)

If stitched on 40 count – 7.58″ x 7.58″ (19,24 x 19,24 cm)

If stitched on 48 count – 6.31″ x 6.31″ (16,03 x 16,03 cm)

If stitched on 56 count – 5.41″ x 5.41″ (13,74 x 13,74 cm)

If stitched on 60 count – 5.05 ‘ x 5.05 ‘ (12,83 x 12,83″)

Happy stitching!

Natalia Frank

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